Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Kuta Bali Resort | Balinese Traditional Food

Bali is known for a beautiful and aesthetic island for thousands of wonder lies on it. Aside from its beautiful scenery, authentic Balinese food is the must try one every time you visit Bali. Balinese food made rich by the heavy use of local herbs and spices, and often prepared for traditional ceremonies.
These days though, plenty of classic dishes are served everywhere from tiny warungs through to high-end restaurants, making it easy for travelers to savor the flavors of real Balinese cuisine. Here are the most popular foods in Bali 
  1.  Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)

Pork dishes are relatively hard to find across the mostly Muslim Indonesian archipelago, but Bali's famed suckling pig makes any roaming traveler's wait worthwhile. Spiced with turmeric then stuffed with “Base gede” (a basic Balinese spice paste made from white pepper, black pepper, coriander, cumin, clove, nutmeg, sesame seed, and candlenut) and roasted on a spit over coconut husks or wood to tender. A serving of Suckling pig contains sliced meat, a few pieces of satay, fried peanuts, and jukut ares.

   2.   Lawar

Lawar is a crunch-tender mix of vegetables, grated coconut meat and minced meat mixed with various heady herbs and spices, and often fresh blood -- every village has its own version. While it's the usual accompaniment to babi guling, lawar can stand as a dish in its own right -- lawar nangka, or young jackfruit lawar, is an example.

3.   Ayam Betutu (Slow Cooked Chicken)

Have you ever heard about Ayam Betutu? One of the famous Balinese cooking that you can’t miss over! This cooking needs to be cooked for so long to get the best taste and also to induce the seasoning onto the chicken.
Chicken washed and rubbed with tamarind puree to tenderize the meat. Then it’s washed off and stuffed with eggs, cassava leaves and rajeng spices, a spice mix specifically created for this dish. Once it’s ready to cook, wrap the chicken with banana leaves or upeh (betel nut husk) and slow cook the meat until it’s tender and soft. It has a spicy taste but with rich flavor of Balinese spices that you can’t deny its deliciousness.

4.   Sate Lilit

This kind of satay is different compared to another kind of satay where the meat is skewed into a stick, but this one the meat is twisted in a bamboo skewer or lemongrass. Grinded meat (either chicken or fish meat) mixed with Balinese spices are lumped onto stick made from bamboo or lemongrass to increase the flavor of satay. Once it’s done, satay is grilled over hot coals. This satay is a popular street food dish, so it can be found at any place even on higher – end places.

5.   Sambal Matah

Sambal matah or raw sambal is the best sambal and good for any kind of Balinese dishes. Made from chopped shallots, salt, lemongrass, chili pepers, and ginger all doused in lime juice. One ingredients for sure is shrimp paste which makes the taste even more authentic. 

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