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Nangluk Merana Ceremony in Kuta

Kuta News Today..

Monday the 7th of December 2015, Balinese Hindus in Kuta held Nangluk Merana ceremony. This ceremony involve the Kuta’s citizen and this sacred ceremony aim to sterilize the area from the negatives things. They did the ceremony in some wewidangan (Area) such as :
1. Pelawatan (Route) of Barong Banjar Pelasa did the ceremony in along Majapahit Street.
2. Pelawatan (Route) of Barong Banjar Pemamoran/Temacun in Cirin Kangin Temple.
3. Pelawatan (Routu) of Barong Puri Dalem Satria in Blambangan Street / the intersection of Raya Kuta Street.
4. Pelawatan (Route) of Barong Banjar Pande Mas in the intersection of Legian Street (Bemo Corner) and in the temples near Hard Rock Café.
5. Pelawatan (Route) of Barong Banjar Tegal in Bakung Sari intersection.
6. Pelawatan (Route) of Ratu Ayu in Lamun temple in the intersection of Kediri and Wana Segara Street.
In this sacred ritual all the Barongs will be paraded around Kuta area together with the other sacred objects from the temples. Bali Hindus believe this procession will cast out the demons and all negatives things that are existing in the town. After the processions, all the Barongs that engage in this ceremony will then assembled in Pura Dalem Kayangan Kuta temple to join the final ceremony.

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