Rabu, 16 September 2015

The Balance in the Balinese Women

Did you ever see the Balinese women carrying something on their head? 

This is one of the tradition in Bali since a hundred years ago.  For #Balinese women who still working to support their financial in the family or the #Balinese women who selling something in the market, they usually carrying a heavy thing by put it on their head.

This uniqueness is also existing when the #Balinese woman carrying the offerings to the temple on the ceremony. The offerings can be very tall and in some ceremonies reach up to more than one and a half metres. Balinese women carry the offering to the temples on their heads. Women very suitable to bring these offerings. Therefore, a woman has a heart that is soft and quiet. Because when they are carrying the offerings to the temple, sometimes the temple is located quite far, they should be have a good balance and poise, thus the offerings not to fall.

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