Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

Behind The Balinese Name

When you are in #Bali, you will meet people with the same name. There are so many Wayan or Made or Nyoman or Ketut. Maybe there is a question in your mind, “Why everyone here have same name?”. Lets find it out now!

The #Balinese names came from the tradition of caste that is still strongly adopted by Hindus in #Bali. The caste influences the naming system of the #Balinese since hundreds years ago. In ancient times, the naming system of Hindus in #Bali were defined based on the level of castes that are differentiated by the pre-occupation. There are four castes in #Bali : 

  1. Brahmana is the highest one, normally they are Hindu priests. This is the highest caste in #Bali. The #Balinese who in this caste usually named by Ida Bagus (male) and Ida Ayu (female). 
  2. Ksatria is the second one who were leaders of the communities. This is the second highest caste in #Bali. The #Balinese who in this caste usually named by I Gusti, Anak Agung, Tjokorda or I Dewa. 
  3. Wesya is the third one who had preoccupation as farmers. Balinese who in this caste usually named by Gusti Bagus for male and Gusti Ayu for female. 
  4. Sudra is the last one who were common people. For the common #Balinese People (Sudra), there are 4 names for them who are in this caste. The naming system is based on the birth order such as : 
    • First born names : Wayan, Putu, Gede, Ni Luh(female only) 
    • Second born names : Made, Kadek, Nengah, Ngurah 
    • Third born names : Nyoman, Komang 
    • Fourth born names : Ketut

However, people of Brahmana, Ksatria and Wesya also combine their names with Sudra names. For example: Ida Bagus Ketut Pradnyana, Anak Agung Putu Subawa or Gusti Ayu Komang Suniti. For the people of Sudra, normally their names begin with “I” for male and “Ni” for female. For example : I Made Purnama, this name can be defined as a second son named Purnama. While Ni Wayan Karmi can be defined as a first daughter named Karmi.

But, how if a family has more children than four? For the fifth child and beyond, the cycle will be repeated from the first child. But they put “Balik” in the back name. The fifth child called Wayan or "Wayan Balik", which literally translates to 'Wayan Other', the sixth child, will be named "Made Balik" and so on.

Another unique way Balinese give names to their child based on the event when the child is born, how the baby look like, or name of objects the parents find on site. Normally, this naming style was used by uneducated parents or family from the caste of Sudra who don’t know normal or modern names to give to their child. However, this naming system is not popular anymore in this era. Example of names based on this naming are: 
  • If the first child born when there is lightings, the parents would name the child as I Putu “Petir”, petir means lighting.
  • If the second child born with very dark skin, they would name the child as Ni Kadek “Selem”, selem means black. 
  • If the third child born  when there was full moon, the parents would name the child as I Komang Purnama, purnama means full moon.

names also can be based on the good wish of the parents for the child. The #Balinese give names to their child with prefix “Su” which means “good” and then followed with an adjective, they wish good things for their child. For example:
  • Ida Bagus Suputra, this can be defined as a child born in Brahmana family and the parents wish him to be a good child. Suputra means good boy or man. 
  • Ni Komang Sukerti, this can be defined as a 3rd child born in Sudra family and the parents wish her to be a good achiever. Sukerti means good achiever.

Balinese names in modern era.
Nowadays, #Balinese parents give names to their child using either western names or Indian Sanskrit names that make the names longer than names that using old naming system. Moreover, “I” and “Ni” are rarely used for the child born in modern family in modern era. Example:
  • #Balinese child with modern names: Putu Andre Suputra or Anak Agung Emi Susilawati. Putu and Anak Agung are the #Balinese names based on caste, Andre and Emi are the modern/western names, Suputra and Susilawati are names based on good wish. 
  • #Balinese child with Sanskit Indian names: Ida Bagus Nakula Pratama or Ni Kadek Anjali Maheswari. Ida Bagus and Ni Kadek are Balinese names based on caste, Nakula and Anjali Maheswari are Indian Sanskit names.

So, that is why you will find so many people in Bali have same name. 

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