Jumat, 15 Mei 2015

Tumpek Landep Ceremony

If you are in Bali tomorrow, you will see many cars and motorbikes  some offerings. This is due to the Tumpek Landep ceremony. Tumpek Landep is the day when Balinese prays to the God of Heirlooms as symbol asking for a sharper mind, in accordance to spirituality and mentality. This holy day is devoted to Sang Hyang Pasupati, the God of Heirlooms. On Balinese calendar, Tumpek Landep is celebrated once in every 210 days, precisely on Saniscara Wage Wuku Landep, which on this day Balinese symbolically put the offerings and the prays for metallic equipment, such as machinery, vehicles, kitchen equipment, and others, on a ceremony that takes place inside the house, home yard, and temple. Weapons, such as traditional keris (wavy double-bladed dagger), guns, spears, and others, and metallic equipment are symbolically worshiped in order that it will bring safety and fortune to the owner and the user.

Tumpek Landep is basically held to sharpen mind, to be implemented to do goodness, because Balinese believe that the highest level and the greatest weapon of human being is their mind, which can bring someone to a better life. The word “Landep” itself implies a “sharp”. Tumpek Landep is an expression of gratitude, especially Hindus in Bali to the goddess Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa is down to earth and give sharpness to the human mind
Tumpek Landep has value for the philosophy that people always sharpens their mind. Every six months, people are reminded to evaluate, whether the mind has always cleared up or honed to a sharp? Therefore, with a sharp mind, people can become more intelligent, more lucid and analyitcal, they are able to be more precisely in determine a decisions. Through Tumpek Landep ceremony, people are reminded to always use a sharp mind as a tool steer them in the right direction. For example, when people need a means to facilitate life, such as cars, motorcycles and so on, a sharp mind should be used as the control. The desire to be able to be controlled by the mind. Thus the desire to have objects that are not based on prestige, but actually serves to strengthen the life for and serve its purpose

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